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Friday, 30 September 2016

A Guide to Power Generator Maintenance

As a maintenance manager, you are responsible for keeping equipment running smoothly while keeping costs down. It may seem prudent to put off maintenance for your power generators, especially if they are running efficiently or are only required for backup power, but this is counterproductive. If regular generator service is not performed as mandated by CSA C282 you will not be in compliance and worse, a poorly maintained generator may break down or cause fires, short-circuits and other costly damages. The following is a guide to help you plan cost-effective power generator maintenance.

Make your Generator Supplier an Ally

Developing a good working relationship with your generator supplier serves many purposes, not the least of which is keeping your natural gas or backup power generators in top working order. Quite often, generator suppliers in Canada with whom you have a regular service arrangement will offer discounted rates for emergencies and priority service. They will also help keep track of when maintenance services should be performed and can help source parts for upgrades or repairs.

Another benefit to maintaining a longstanding relationship with your power generator supplier is the technicians get to know your equipment well and can perform the maintenance items that have to be done by qualified technicians faster than someone who has not dealt with your generator before. This can lead to cost savings due to shorter down times and fewer problems with backup generators when required for use. Your qualified service technician can also help you plan for repairs by notifying you of parts that are particularly worn or other issues that should be addressed before they become costly breakdowns.

Cost-Saving Measures when Working with Primary or Emergency Power Generators

One of the easiest ways to reduce potential issues with your generator to keep the surrounding area clean and free of dirt and debris that can clog your filters. Do regular checks for small animals and rodents that can cause serious damage by chewing wires or becoming caught in mechanisms.

While you should always follow the recommendations of your power generator supplier and manufacturer to get the maximum lifespan and optimal operational conditions, there are some maintenance tasks you or your team can perform to keep costs down. It is a good idea to create a weekly checklist and record any findings to report to your qualified technician during the scheduled generator maintenance. The following are some items that should be included in your checklist:

  • Check oil, coolant and fuel levels and monitor for leakage.
  • Perform a visual inspection for leaks and report any issues immediately.
  • Verify that the circuit breaker is closed.

More in-depth generator maintenance must be performed by a qualified technician, such as one arranged through your generator supplier. Remember, a proper generator service schedule complete with records is not only cost-effective over the long term; it is also a CSA regulation in Canada. Contact your generator maintenance experts of GAL Power today to discuss your service schedule.

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