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We would like to sincerely thank, the Gal Power representative, Reko, for his assistance on Saturday, September 22, 2018 following the severe storms and tornado damage in Ottawa causing prolonged hydro outages across the city. His attention to detail, and efforts to go above and beyond to assist our clients at 354 Gladstone Ave, OCSCC 903, was greatly appreciated.

Michelle Compton RCM Vice-President
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Monday, 5 October 2015

Canada Diesel Generators– What We Offer

As a business, maintaining your generators is an investment that can save you stress and hassle during times of emergency. At GAL Power, our diesel generators can provide reliable and efficient power generation solutions to residents of Ontario, Quebec and all over Canada. Our partner, SDMO, is the third largest power generator company in the world and in combination with our personalized level of customer service, you are sure to get the level of service that you need.

Innovative, Flexible Solutions

No matter what industry your business works in, we have solutions for you. Our experienced team of experts has helped those in a variety of businesses such as agriculture, construction and manufacturing.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

As a company, we strongly value safety and eco-friendly business practices. Our diesel generators and operating procedures are designed to minimize any situations and events that lead to hazards to employees and customers. Your business can rest assured that your power generation will be achieved using the most secure methods possible.


Commitment to Quality

Each of the products that we carry and install are checked beforehand to ensure that they meet the standards of our business. Our staff possesses the necessary certifications to understand what makes top-performance power generation and we make sure that they always make these requirements the highest priority.

Diesel Polishing

Our experts can conduct comprehensive diesel polishing services to keep your generators operating at their peak levels. Diesel polishing is a great way to minimize company spending be increasing the efficiency of your generators and reducing overall costs.

Investing in power generation can seem like a time-consuming process, but our staff at GAL Power can make the process as easy as possible. For more information on our diesel generator solutions in Canada, Contact Us today and we’ll be happy to get you started.

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