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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Does Your Summer Event Need an EMS Station or a Field Hospital?

With the recent Frye Festival debacle on the minds of anyone in the festival industry, it's a great time to think about basics of logistics and planning. While thankfully, as far as we know, nobody was hurt badly at the Frye Festival... it could have easily happened.  And it's almost inevitable that their planning for medical care would have been as slipshod as all their other logistics.

If you're planning a summer event that will host a large number of people, you should plan for any potential medical needs.  At the bare minimum, there should be a EMS Station with professionals on-hand throughout.  Realistically - and to shield yourself from potential liability - having a full field hospital is often the better choice.

Tips for Providing Sufficient Medical Care at Your Summer Event

1. Be realistic about how your guests may behave. 

Basically, don't stick your head in the ground on topics like sufficient hydration and drug use.  If it's reasonable that people will be using drugs or doing a lot of physical activity like dancing, you need an on-site field hospital.  There are just too many things which can go wrong.  This goes double if it's an outdoor event in the summer - some level of personal harm or injury is all but guaranteed.

2. Don't rely on laws as guidelines.

Amazingly, even though nearly every province and state in North America has regulations on how many porta potties you need per (X) visitors, none have regulations on medical facilities.  None the less, if harm occurs during your festival, there could be significant legal repercussions if you did not have medical facilities onsite.

And always overestimate attendance, rather than underestimating.  History is full of events which have gone badly due to over-attendance. 

3. Keep the medical facilities on a separate generator.

Outdoor festivals aren't exactly known for keeping the lights on, particularly if a guest or musical act gets over-enthusiastic with their speaker and lighting rig.   If someone blows out the breaker, the medical facilities must be on a separate circuit to ensure they keep functioning.

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