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We would like to sincerely thank, the Gal Power representative, Reko, for his assistance on Saturday, September 22, 2018 following the severe storms and tornado damage in Ottawa causing prolonged hydro outages across the city. His attention to detail, and efforts to go above and beyond to assist our clients at 354 Gladstone Ave, OCSCC 903, was greatly appreciated.

Michelle Compton RCM Vice-President
Complete Condo Management

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Generator Fuel Systems Safety & TSSA Compliance

As a property manager, learning that your fuel supplier will not deliver during a major power outage because your emergency generator and fuel system do not comply with TSSA standards is akin to a major catastrophe. Emergency generators fall under the Ontario Installation Code for Oil Burning Equipment, (CSA-B139ON-15) which is governed and enforced by the TSSA. Fuel suppliers have a responsibility to ensure your generator fuel systems are in compliance before delivery or they stand to be penalized.

Responsibilities for Generator Fuel Systems Non-Compliance

Fuel suppliers, certificate holders and TSSA contractors who are involved with your generator and fuel system all have to abide by the conditions set out in TSSA compliance for fuel systems and have a duty to declare your equipment in unacceptable condition if there are safety concerns. If problems are identified, the following requirements must be met to continue to receive fuel delivery:

  • Written notification of all non-compliance issues
  • A specific time by which the fuel systems must meet TSSA compliance
  • Notice given to you, the operator and distributor
  • Stoppage of fuel delivery if fuel systems do not meet compliance standards by the specified date

While the requirements may indicate that you will have time to rectify the situation if your fuel systems fail to meet compliance, it will not likely be enough time to avert disaster in the case of a major outage like the one experienced in the winter of 2013 in Toronto. With power out for almost a week due to the ice storm, many property managers found themselves in a position where their generator and fuel system were deemed non-compliant and suppliers refused to deliver fuel.

Being Proactive with TSSA Requirements for Fuel Systems will Avert Disaster

Ensuring your generator fuel systems meet the standards for TSSA compliance before a major outage occurs will prevent the backlash that is sure to follow from your tenants if you fail to provide to power. Maintaining a preventative maintenance schedule with your genset installation contractor will ensure your equipment is functioning optimally and will help identify issues before non-compliance has your equipment deemed in unacceptable condition.

Alternatively, you can consult with your GAL Power TSSA Specialist to arrange a comprehensive inspection. As fully licensed TSSA Contractors, you will receive our unparalleled knowledge in the arena of code compliance and can rest assured that in the event of an emergency, your generator fuel systems will meet the safety standards required for continued fuel delivery.

For more information on taking a proactive stance against non-compliance for your gensets, or to address an issue identified and requiring repair to meet TSSA requirements for fuel systems, contact your experts of GAL Power.

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