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Monday, 19 June 2017

Tips on How to Build Better Contractor and Client Relationships

Good contractor/client relationships are a cornerstone of any successful large-scale project. In our own work providing power generating machines and other electrical supply devices, we've seen plenty of work sites where great relationships were contributing to great projects... as well as some situations where clearly-toxic relationships were harming the project.

It's not hard to maintain good client\contractor relationships, and it's vital if you want to see your project completed on time, to spec, and on budget.

5 Ways to Improve Your Client and Contractor Relationships

  1. Respect their knowledge base

    Few things are more frustrating to a contractor than being treated like they don't know their own area of expertise. They aren't simple suppliers, they're partners assisting with design. Listen when they have advice, and at least give it consideration.

  2. Have dedicated points of contact

    A contractor should never have a question about how to get in touch with someone to deliver important news or other information. There should be clear lines of communication which are understood by both the contractor and the client, so that messages always flow smoothly through the chain of command.

  3. Encourage multimedia communication for technical subjects

    It's easy for experts in technical fields to forget that a layman will have a challenging time understanding their explanations in pure text format. When information needs to be conveyed which is mission-critical, but relatively technical, look towards multimedia solutions such as diagrams and slideshows to convey it. That makes it more likely everyone will end up on the same page.

  4. Bargain in good faith

    Perhaps it goes without saying, but all bargaining and other negotiations should be conducted in good faith. Stringing a contractor along, or trying to change the deal mid-project, is a fantastic way to cause huge trouble - or potentially even a full walk-off.

  5. When in doubt, remember the golden rule

    Treat others as you want to be treated. Be the client you'd like to have if you were the contractor.

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