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Monday, 5 October 2015

Why Natural Gas Generators in Ontario Are Gaining Ground

For those working in the industry of power generation, you’ve probably noticed the increased use of natural gas generators in Ontario. This unique form of power generation offers plenty of benefits when compared to alternatives and our team at GAL Power examine some of the reasons why these generators are gaining ground below.

Cleaner and Safer

Although natural gas is drilled from the Earth in the same wayas oil is, it is much cleaner and environmentally friendly – less greenhouse emissions are generated from natural gas in comparison it its counterparts. Alternatively, coal is the fossil fuel that releases the highest levels of pollutants into the atmosphere, making natural gas generation a great choice for those looking for power generation solutions that minimize environmental impact.

Distributed Generation

Distributed generation, which refers to the use of small, individual electrical power units, is extremely common nowadays and can range from low output generators used as a backup supply to massive independent generators used to power entire factories. No matter the use, natural gas is now one of the leading energy sources used in distributed generation and is relied on by companies big and small for their power generation needs.

Long-Term Investment

Although natural gas generators are more expensive off the bat, the money they save your business through increased efficiency and long-lasting storage make them well worth it in the end. Don’t look at them as a cost – look at them as an investment that will ultimately give you a higher return than the money that you put in.

If you’re still unsure of making the move to natural gas generators for your Ontario business, give us a call at 1-866-425-7697 and request a free site audit. Our experts will assess your business’s location and let you know whether it’s a good option for you.

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