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Michelle Compton RCM Vice-President
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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Workplace Safety Tips for Commercial Property Managers

Workplace safety matters in any line of work, even property management, which might not seem particularly dangerous at first. All the day-to-day safety risks of an average home or apartment are multiplied in the case of property managers and their staff, who may be dealing with dozens or even hundreds of units at once.

Keep yourself and your workforce safe.

Top 5 Safety Tips in Property Management

  1. Know who you're showing to

    Avoid showing units to people you know nothing about. While incidents are rare, there is always an element of risk being alone in an otherwise empty unit or building with a stranger. If possible, consider showing units in pairs to further reduce any chance of danger.

  2. Never attempt DIY fixes

    Even minor electrical or plumbing issues should be left to professionals. Don't attempt them yourself and do not assign them to employees who are not legitimately qualified and under contract to handle them. Otherwise, any accident could open you or your property up to significant liability.

  3. Identify, label, and restrict access to dangerous areas

    Parts of your property such as transformer or breaker rooms, back-up power rooms, elevator shafts, or the rooftop (if not properly safety-proofed) should not be accessed by unqualified individuals. Deploy signs, warnings, and locking mechanisms as appropriate to prevent people from going where they shouldn't.

  4. Never leave a single employee alone for long

    Strive to always have at least two employees in an area or office at any one time. While exceptions may occur during unexpected events, having a single person is both a red flag and an invitation to those who might seek to take advantage of the situation. It is also a safety issue for contractors doing work as if an accident does occur, there is no one to help.

  5. Implement a no-cash policy in the office

    No cash in the office will greatly reduce the chances of break-in, theft, and fraud. Restrict accepted payments options to check, credit cards, and electronic payments.

Turn to GAL Power for Expertise in Gensets and Electrical Systems

Another significant danger in property management comes from gensets and other power-generation systems. These machines are often both complicated and dangerous, and not something that unqualified individuals should be working on. The personal risks when working with high-power electrical systems cannot be understated.

Turn to GAL Power for your generation installation and service needs to ensure they're handled safely. Contact us today to learn more!

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