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We would like to sincerely thank, the Gal Power representative, Reko, for his assistance on Saturday, September 22, 2018 following the severe storms and tornado damage in Ottawa causing prolonged hydro outages across the city. His attention to detail, and efforts to go above and beyond to assist our clients at 354 Gladstone Ave, OCSCC 903, was greatly appreciated.

Michelle Compton RCM Vice-President
Complete Condo Management

Technical Standards & Safety Act Compliance

GAL Power is a fully licensed TSSA contractor. Our knowledge and experience in the area of code compliance is unparalleled. 

TSSA fuels safety program administers the Technical Standards & Safety Act 2000, providing fuel-related safety services associated with the safe transportation, storage, handling and use of hydrocarbon fuels (such as gasoline, diesel, propane & natural gas). More information is available at www.tssa.com.

As part of the TSSA requirements we regularly conduct following inspections:
  • Full OBT 1 fuel oil safety inspections
  • Above and underground fuel tanks TSSA compliance inspection and report
  • Fuel piping system integrity and leaks and spills risk assessment
  • Appliance report
  • Hazard report

Consult with our TSSA Specialist

24/7 Power Line 1-866-425-7697