Reactive, Preventive or Predictive for any brand, make and size

We strive to be the most customer centric power generator and temperature control company in Canada.

For us, customer centricity means ‘doing what is best for the customer’, because we truly believe what is best for our customers is best for us.

GAL Power is the premier emergency power generation service provider in Ontario and Quebec. Partnering with GAL Power can help you achieve the highest level of energy resiliency and lower your operational costs.

Expectations for reliable, agile and code compliance service are dramatically higher than ever before and GAL Power does everything from hiring the best talent, stocking critical spares to training every individual along the service chain to achieve and exceed the highest level of customer satisfaction.

From new generators installation and commissioning, through spares and repairs, to preventive and reactive maintenance- we have got you covered!

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Keeping your generators ready for action!

Being customer focused one of our goal is to offer what customers really need as compare to what we have to offer! We can design a maintenance solution based on your business specific objectives, be it code compliance or attaining the highest level of system reliability. GAL Power has reliable service solutions to keep emergency power equipment on guard and ready for action, 365 days a year. GAL Power delivers Preventive Maintenance Programs that meet or exceed all applicable regulatory standards for site safety and reliability. For liability protection, records detailing all aspects of inspection and maintenance are secured in our central registry.

Industry based power solutions

Generator for data centers

Data Centers

In the age of 24 X 7 connectivity and millions of dollars of transactions taking place, downtime means irrecoverable financial and data loss.GAL power can help you achieve your uptime goal which we understand is 100%.

generator for control centers

Control Centers

Transport signal operations, public transit systems, air traffic controls, telecom and manufacturing plants all maintain standby power generators to backup in case of planned or unplanned power interruptions and we make sure they are ready for action when the time calls for.

Health Care & Facilities Management

Health Care & Facilities Mgmt

As one of the leading partner for major facilities management companies, we completely understand the increasing pressure on facility managers to provide reliable backup power at the occasions of planned or unplanned shutdowns.

Solutions designed around your KPIs

Our goal is to offer best value for your money while aligning ourselves to match your business goals and priorities:

Cost Containment
Helping you achieve cost containment goal.
Help you achieve your safety goals by adhering to all the applicable codes and your business specific safety requirements.
We adhere to your business specific communication and reporting protocols.
Service Level Compliance
Compliance with service level agreements.
We're committed to environmentally responsible service. We dispose of all used oil, anti-freeze, batteries, and other emergency power consumables at Certified Disposal Centers in accordance with Ministry of Environment regulations.
At GAL Power we strongly believe that ‘there is always room for improvement’, always open for new ideas to improve service delivery to drive value.


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