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We would like to sincerely thank, the Gal Power representative, Reko, for his assistance on Saturday, September 22, 2018 following the severe storms and tornado damage in Ottawa causing prolonged hydro outages across the city. His attention to detail, and efforts to go above and beyond to assist our clients at 354 Gladstone Ave, OCSCC 903, was greatly appreciated.

Michelle Compton RCM Vice-President
Complete Condo Management

Social Payback

Engaging with and supporting local communities for socially responsible initiatives has been an integral part of GAL power business. For GAL Power, business is more than running our operations with both financial and operational success, it also means to build lasting relationships within the communities we operate in.

Supporting Social Cause

Beyond our core business services, our senior executives strongly believe we have a responsibility to make a positive impact in our society and contribute to the initiatives that directly impacts our societies and future of our generation.

GAL Power support for the following charity programs:
  • Variety of Ottawa
  • Make a wish Foundation


Thank you again for your support of our tournament, we greatly appreciate not only your financial contribution but also your time in spending the day with us.

Jaynee Champagne
Executive Director
Innovative Community Support Services

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Nearly $55,000 was raised for the two charities and the “sick kids” programs that they support! GAL Power continued to be the diamond presenting sponsor ensuring the stability that the tournament requires each year.

Bill Garbarino
Tournament Director
The annual Help Kids Grow Up (HKGU) Charity Golf Tournament

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