Gustavo Sosa

Chief Financial Officer

Gustavo H. Sosa joined GAL in late 2016 and is GAL’s Chief Financial Officer with responsibilities overseeing Human Resources, IT, Accounting, Strategic Planning and the overall financial performance of the company.

Gustavo has a Master in Business Administration specializing in Strategic Management, as well as a Bachelor in Accounting, holding a CPA designation. With 30 years of international professional experience in industries as diverse as banking, engineering, aviation, manufacturing and information technology, he has gained business acumen by working in all the areas of a company, including sales, operations, and finance. He has participated in several M&A transactions, ERP systems implementations and has been a key member and driver on restructuring and providing change management to some of these organizations.

Gustavo is a seasoned intrapreneur that has his mind in achieving not just financial but business objectives in a sustainable manner. One of his quotes is: “Firefighting is glamorous but just fixes the symptom, not the problem. Prevention and planning is what creates sustainable change and the only constant is change.”

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