Uptime is business time, every minute of an hour counts

Especially when you are running critical business operations.

At GAL Power, we have an extensive range of diesel powered generators, heating and cooling equipment, and related accessories. These products will keep you in power and maintain the safe working and operational environment of your business during power outages

Ice storms, freezing rain, blackouts, brownouts, natural calamities and human error, we have seen them all and have helped our customers to operate business as usual.

We use proven methods to minimize downtime during planned or unplanned power outages, talk to us today about how we can help you minimize your business downtime in case of any such event!


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Responsiveness, Agility and Safety is What Our Customers Depend on Us For!

GAL power strived hard for the last 30 years to develop a true Customer culture which is always evident in everything we do, because we truly believe that ‘what's best for our customer is best for us’. Our customers chose us as their Power solutions provider of choice not only because of well-maintained quality rental equipment but also because of our highly trained customer centric personal.

What makes us different

power generator rental

Our Equipment

Well kept, ultra-reliable fleet of Rental power generators sourced from top suppliers like (SDMO, Hi-Power and Atlas Copco). Since we maintain highest standard of fleet maintenance, the good news is that the chance of failure is already reduced to the minimum.

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GAL power team

Our People

Power in right hands! We rely on our dedicated people more than our equipment, they are the one who does all the magic! Every individual in GAL Power is trained to be genuinely Customer centric. At GAL Power customer centricity is not just a code of conduct it’s our habit.

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Our Solutions

30 years of industry experience has taught us that every customer is different and that is why we try to learn as much as possible about our customer’s unique needs to offer solution that they need rather than the solutions we can offer.

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HVAC and Power Solutions for Every Industry



Data Centres


Storage Companies

Electrical Contractors

Property Management



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Our Power Equipment

GAL Power offers the most comprehensive and extensive fleet of power generators,
ranging from portable generators to multi megawatt containerized generators.

Container Power Generator

Container Power generator
  • Capacity ranges from 500kW to 2000kW.
  • Synchronizing and multi-volt load sharing capabilities on most models.
  • Attenuated sound to keep noise level below 85 decibels at a 15 meter distance.
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Portable Power Generator

Portable power generator

The most reliable portable power generators rental inventory.

  • Capacity ranges from 30kW to 500kW.
  • Robust models that ensure reliability in the field.
  • Superior sound attenuation for near-silent operation.
  • Environmental friendly designs in a totally bounded frame with a 110% spill-containment feature.
  • Compliant with the most recent Tier requirements for NESHAP-regulated emissions including Tier 3 and Tier 4.
  • Every unit meets or exceeds NEC, MSHA and OSHA standards and regulations.
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Rental Heating Solutions

Industrial heating solutions

We provide heating solutions for Industrial & Commercial premises using top of the line products. Whether you are heating a small or large factory space, GAL Power have a range of efficient industrial heating solutions designed to keep you warm.

Our range of heating equipment products enables selection of the right product for the right job optimising comfort levels, reliability and cost.

GAL Power offers a complete design solution from initial enquiry, through installation and operations of temporary rental equipment. Our comprehensive service arrangements ensure the systems installed continue to operate at maximum efficiency.

Regardless of the size of the project our comprehensive customer support will help you achieve your comfort, safety and operational goals.

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Rental Cooling Solutions

air conditioning rental units

Office buildings, warehouse, factories or events, whatever you need to cool, GAL Power has the right temperature control rental solution tailored to your unique business environment.

We maintain top of the line cooling equipment fleet, and have all the related system components (fittings, accessories, including exhaust equipment, water hoses and water vessels etc.) available in house to ensure rapid installation and smooth operations.

The biggest advantage of choosing GAL Power’s air conditioning rental units, is the high efficiency and low installation costs coupled with professional customer service.

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