Diesel Generator Solutions for Ontario and Quebec

Diesel generators are a wise choice in Canada due to their reliability and economical operation. Since fuel prices are rising due to high demand and a supply that will continue to grow shorter, choosing equipment that consumes less fuel makes cost effective business sense.

Although known for their fuel efficiency, there are several more benefits to diesel-powered gensets:

  • Less maintenance required over gasoline generators of comparable size
  • They are highly resilient under tough conditions
  • Longer lifespan because diesel burns cooler than gasoline
  • No spark is required for ignition reducing potential for fire and reducing maintenance costs since there are no spark plugs or wires

Top of the line diesel power generators, coupled with the highest level of professional and personal service, are the reasons our customers place their trust in us.

Designed for industrial use, GAL Power offers generator sets for a wide range of applications and offers a vast array of options and customization.


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