Bi-Fuel Generators

GAL Power is about helping our customers achieve their corporate goals. We advise our customers to choose the best emergency power system that is right for their needs based on what they are trying to manage and what are their top three goals for the product.

In the past ten years, GAL Power has emerged as the power solution provider of choice in the Bi-fuel market, successfully supplying numerous Bi-fuel power generators for high profile customers and numerous prestigious projects.

Bi-Fuel Technology

The bi-fuel system enables facility managers to operate the standby power generator in a more cost effective way by replacing a significant portion of generator’s diesel fuel consumption with natural gas. GAL Power Bi-fuel installations allow operation of a dual fuel generator on a high percentage of natural gas, thereby helping facility managers achieve effective fuel management and operational cost.

Bi-Fuel System Primary Applications

  • Prime Power
  • Peak Shaving
  • Standby Power
  • Distributed Power Generation
  • Pumping applications
  • Drilling Rigs & Well
  • Service Units
  • Data Centers

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