Natural Gas


GAL Power offers Natural Gas powered backup generator sets, in partnership with HiPower and Bluestar. Largely due to the availability of natural gas
in Canada via pipelines, these generators are increasing in popularity for homeowners, commercial and industrial users.

While natural gas generators operate in a similar fashion to their diesel counterparts, there are some benefits to selecting this option:

  • Natural gas powered generator sets burn cleaner than diesel gensets
  • Cost savings over diesel fuel
  • Natural gas does not have to be stored so it does not degrade over time
  • Gas backup generators pose fewer health risks and since an odorant is added, leaks are detected quickly

If natural gas pipelines are available at the location of installation for your natural gas backup generator, this may be an ideal solution. For those who do not have ready access, it can be cost prohibitive.

For more information on natural gas generators in Canada, we invite you to contact the GAL Power Systems team of experts.


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