Service & Maintenance

GAL Offers A Comprehensive Suite Of Services, From Emergency Response, Onsite Training, Testing And Repair

  • “24/7” Emergency response
  • Preventative maintenance
  • CSA 282 compliant
  • Repairs, upgrades, modernizations, testing, & commissioning
  • Load bank testing
  • Fluid analysis
  • Onsite training & dedicated engineering support
Generator Load Testing


Performance testing of the entire system at design load is recommended to not only extend the life of your generator, but also ensure that it maintains reliable and efficient operations during a power outage.

On-site load bank testing is a vital part of generators performance testing under preventive maintenance program and is mandated by CSA282. Quality equipment, calibrated load banks, skilled staff and proven testing procedures are the keys to comprehensive load testing and GAL Power guarantees all of these.

During on-site load bank testing, our experienced technicians monitor critical engine parameters. The engine is operated at or near full load for several hours to accomplish a full heating and cool down cycle. Other critical engine parameters (engine temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure etc.) are also monitored during the testing.

With the generator set operating at full load, we also conduct an infrared survey of all electrical connections to identify any high-resistance connections.

For peace of mind today consider passing your generator maintenance and testing requirements to GAL Power.

Prime Power Generator Maintenance


Prime power generators when properly maintained, are designed to operate for long durations at variable or consistent loads. Compared to standby generators the prime power generators are rugged and designed to handle heavy loads. Due to the nature of operation, these generators call for special attention.

GAL Power offers tailored power generator maintenance programs or “one-of” servicing for all major generator and engine manufacturers. Listed below are the core maintenance services that will extend the life of your generator.

  • Routine & periodic maintenance
  • Top overhauls
  • Major overhauls
  • Alternator refurbishment
  • Engine, alternator and fuel system repairs
Standby Generator Upgrades


Adequate upgrade of your existing standby generator can significantly enhance your backup power systems overall reliability and help you achieve business-critical continuity.

GAL Power offers cost effective generator upgrades, saving facility managers/ owners two-thirds the cost of replacing the entire system.

In partnership with top of the line technology providers, GAL Power offers the latest technological developments in generator control. With our diesel generator upgrades, you can rest assured that your generator continues to be a reliable and cost-effective source of power for your company.

GAL Power offers a wide range of upgrades to your existing generator, such as:

  • Diesel engine overhaul
  • Alternator refurbishment
  • Acoustic upgrade
  • Control panel upgrade
  • Generator cables rewiring
  • Control and switchgear upgrade
  • Generator fuel system upgrade
  • Fuel tank upgrade

Get in touch with our Upgrade Specialists to discuss the possibility of a diesel generator upgrade.

Preventative Maintenance Services


The guiding principle of GAL Power’s generators maintenance program is to optimize your standby power generator performance and its longevity. Besides complying with CSA282 mandated service and testing requirements, our maintenance programs significantly help facility managers/ owners achieve the delicate balance of generator ownership and operating profits.

GAL Power offers tailored maintenance programs, or “one-of” servicing for all major generator and engine manufacturers.

Listed below are the core services that will extend the life of your generators.

  • General inspection
  • Cooling system inspection
  • D.C Electrical system
  • A.C Electrical system
  • Air induction and exhaust system
  • Power unit
  • Lubrication system
  • Fuel System
Generator Services



For us, customer centricity means ‘doing what is best for the customer’, because we truly believe what is best for our customers is best for us.

GAL Power is the premier emergency power generation service provider in Ontario and Quebec. Partnering with GAL Power can help you achieve the highest level of energy resiliency and lower your operational costs.

Expectations for reliable, agile and code compliance service are dramatically higher than ever before and GAL Power does everything from hiring the best talent, stocking critical spares to training every individual along the service chain to achieve and exceed the highest level of customer satisfaction.

From new generators installation and commissioning, through spares and repairs, to preventive and reactive maintenance- we have got you covered!


Being customer focused one of our goal is to offer what customers really need as compare to what we have to offer! We can design a maintenance solution based on your business specific objectives, be it code compliance or attaining the highest level of system reliability. GAL Power has reliable service solutions to keep emergency power equipment on guard and ready for action, 365 days a year. GAL Power delivers Preventive Maintenance Programs that meet or exceed all applicable regulatory standards for site safety and reliability. For liability protection, records detailing all aspects of inspection and maintenance are secured in our central registry.



Our goal is to offer best value for your money while aligning ourselves to match your business goals and priorities:

Cost Containment

Helping you achieve cost containment goal.


Help you achieve your safety goals by adhering to all the applicable codes and your business specific safety requirements.


We adhere to your business specific communication and reporting protocols.

Service Level Compliance

Compliance with service level agreements.


We’re committed to environmentally responsible service. We dispose of all used oil, anti-freeze, batteries, and other emergency power consumables at Certified Disposal Centers in accordance with Ministry of Environment regulations.


At GAL Power we strongly believe that ‘there is always room for improvement’, always open for new ideas to improve service delivery to drive value.

Contingency Planning with Our Natural Gas Backup Generators and Heating Systems

Ensure that you have proper contingency planning for unpredictable weather events is as crucial as ever. At GAL Power, our customized heating and power solutions, including our natural gas backup generators, can help you create a plan to ensure that your business is prepared for any kind of weather that the winter throws at you.


Natural gas generators offer long-lasting power solutions that are a great investment for those looking to eliminate the standard storage problems of diesel generators and get a great return on their investment in the long run. When it comes to backup generator maintenance, some tips include:

  • Change coolant filter every 6 months
  • Check starting batteries monthly
  • Drain filter weekly
  • Check charge-air piping daily

From their easy storage to long-lasting nature, natural gas generators provide plenty of benefits that will help bolster your business. Although they are more costly than alternatives, they should be approached as an investment for your business that will pay off in the end – natural gas generators eliminate many of the storage problems that come with other generator types and last much longer, making them a commitment worth the money.


During the cold weather, keeping your heating systems up to par is crucial to ensure that your employees are kept happy and productivity is at its maximum. Maintaining a healthy heating system requires quite a bit of focus and our experts can give you the service that you need to ensure that you don’t have to deal with the headaches that come along with it. Some tips to healthy heating include:

  • Replacing your filter every 90 days
  • Ensuring two feet of clearance around outdoor units and pumps
  • Monthly inspection of refrigerant lines
  • Annual replacement of carbon monoxide detector battery
  • The natural gas backup generators and heating systems services that we offer are necessary to ensure that your business is prepared for the worst during unpredictable events and weather conditions. Our staff is certified and experienced in all of the daily, monthly and yearly inspection procedures for both of these importance facts of your company and can ensure that they are properly conducted and fit in with the contingency plan that we help you develop. For more information, Contact Us today and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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