Fuel Polishing

Why Do Your Diesel Fuel Tanks Require Fuel Polishing?

Over time, the quality of stored fuel can deteriorate due to contamination requiring fuel-polishing services. The type and severity of the contamination can clog filters, damage engine injectors or cause the total failure of the diesel generator, pump or engine.

Some of the most common indicators that your fuel has degraded include sluggish operation, sputtering or, since fuel rails are under pressure, injector tips can blow off. Fuel polishing removes any damaging sediment, particulate and water that accumulate during the degradation process and prevents costly repairs or complete equipment failure.

While many companies offer fuel-polishing services, not all will result in diesel fuel that meets spec. Some of the particulate contributes to the viscosity and quality of the fuel and if a simple filtration system is used to polish the fuel, these will be removed as well. Your experts of GAL Power use precision equipment and the latest technology to ensure the integrity of your fuel once polishing is complete.

In addition to fuel sampling, testing and certification, we can also undertake on-site fuel polishing of diesel fuel held in tanks and drums. Our mobile fuel polishing units incorporate the latest technology fuel filters to remove damaging particulate contamination and water from the diesel.


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