Ottawa, Canada, May 4, 2015 – GAL Power Systems (, a leading supplier of standby power generators and temperature control equipment, is weighing in on its expansion and focus on customer service in the spring edition of Ontario Mineral Exploration Review.

The spring 2015 issue of Ontario Mineral Exploration Review features an interview with GAL Power Systems president Luis A. Salazar and founder and CEO Guy Adrien Lapierre. The two discuss the company’s growth following the acquisition of L.M. Temperature Control Inc. in December 2014. (Source: Ontario Mineral Exploration Review, Spring 2015;

“It’s been few months since GAL Power acquired L.M. Temperature Control Inc. and now we are being recognized as one of the leading power generator and temperature control companies in Canada. And looking back at L.M. Temperature Control joining GAL Power Group of companies, one of our goals was to increase our capacity to offer innovative power and temp control services to a broader market,” says Luis Salazar, who founded L.M. Temperature Control Inc. and became GAL Power president following the acquisition. “But one vision both companies shared that made the alliance even more desirable was customer-centricity. That model was already ingrained in L.M. Temperature Control, so it made easy to go ahead with this partnership.”

Salazar explains in the interview that GAL Power Systems has set ambitious goals for the growth of the company, including doubling in size and revenue within the next few years. This is because the organization sees itself as a growing company with an aggressive focus on customer service.

“We saw a number of strong synergies between GAL Power’s customer-first philosophy and L.M. Temperature Control’s established reputation for quality service in the GTA market,” Lapierre adds. “We look forward to leveraging those synergies and delivering a consistently high level of service in the critical power field to an entirely new customer base.”

During the interview, both Lapierre and Salazar address the need to expand outside of Toronto and extend the presence of GAL Power Systems to Quebec and the Maritimes, along with seeking opportunities in other markets, a shift that has already begun with its penetration into the mining industry.

“As GAL Power continues its push forward, the focus will always be on finding solutions that put the customer first, a philosophy that remains at the core of our success,” Salazar concludes. “It’s not about always having the best equipment to sell or rent, which can be sought out by any of our competitors. Rather, the culture we have built and the team we have developed, one that goes the extra mile, is what really sets us apart.”

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